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Cloud Computing Articles - A growing list of cloud computing articles and resources on this game changer.

Great Sponsor + Great PM = Great Success - The sponsor/PM partnership is the most important relationship determinant of a project's success potential.  Both the sponsor and the PM need to be acutely aware of the relationship and recognize the necessity of working together to better secure a successful outcome and provide value back to the organization. 

Mastering Credibility Part I:  It's What You Know - Don't get me wrong; being able to relate to people is a very powerful attribute.  However, after the back slapping and joking is over and done command of the subject matter you are expected to know will carry the day.

Mastering Credibility Part II:  It's The Relationships You Build - Meeting your objectives is important to what you do, but if you take a bull-in-a-china-ship approach to how you work with others you're ultimately going to be viewed as a non-credible maniac.

Mastering Credibility Part III:  It's How You Deliver Results - Mastering credibility is not just about having great ideas, it's also about how you follow through on those ideas to deliver results.

Impress First, Then Talk Compensation - Excerpted from The Truth About Getting Your Point Across...
As a manager I’ve been amused by the different approaches some interviewees have taken over the years. There are a couple of interviews that stand out as Academy Award contenders for Best Arrogant Performance.

Critical Thinking Drills Influence Hiring Decisions - Excerpted from The Truth About Getting Your Point Across...
You’ve probably heard of the legendary interview questions asked at many high-tech companies -- questions that baffle an interviewee as to how manhole covers possibly relate to a job as a developer, marketing manager, or a financial controller. It’s not necessarily the answer that the interviewer is looking for, but the thought process the interviewee uses to come up with the answer.

You Can't Over-Prepare for an Interview - Excerpted from The Truth About Getting Your Point Across...
Why some candidates gamble with first impressions completely boggles my mind; it is completely within the candidate’s control to create that positive first impression. If someone doesn’t care enough to make the strongest impression possible then I don’t want them as an employee. End of story.

Project Management Screw-Up 4 - We didn’t do a good project schedule - Excerpted from The Project Management Advisor
Fail to plan, plan to fail.  You've heard it before.  Avoid the planning mistakes here.  A project management articles great read!

Ten Tips to Boost Your Facilitation Skills
You may be a great consultant, one who effectively applies his or her wisdom and experience to help his or her client solve some tough business problem.   That's all fine and well.  When it comes to facilitation, though, it's a different ballgame and a very different approach to problem solving.  A different kind of project management article.

Shiny Objects and Other Distractions
A shiny object isn’t important to the task at hand and isn’t time-sensitive.  If something comes across your desk that can be done later without impact to your work yet interrupts what you’re doing constitutes a shiny object.  A cool project management article.

Lie About Your Credentials, Kill Your Career - Excerpted from The Truth About Getting Your Point Across...
Your resume is meant to showcase your credentials, not someone else's...Check out this project management article!

The Five Biggest Mistakes an HR Professional Can Make…From the Client's Perspective
This project management article highlights five mistakes HR Professionals make when partnering with their client…from the client's perspective.

How Could This Happen? Avoid Project Screw-Ups for You and Your Client
Project screw-ups mean wasted time and money and can irreparably damage your relationship with clients if they perceive that you are at fault

Drive a Tight Agenda, Don't Let It Drive You - Excerpted from The Truth About Getting Your Point Across...
An effective agenda goes beyond start time, location, topics, and durations... Check out this project management article!

Teambuilding: Some Assembly Required
Different team personalities are highlighted in this project management article and how to leverage their strengths (and avoid their weaknesses!)  A great project management article on team building.

Five Simple Strategies for Unifying Your Project Teams
This project management article contains five simple strategies are highlighted in this project management article that you as a manager can use to get your project team to better work well together.

Don't Let a Challenge Stall Your Business
This project management article outlines five simple tips for keeping to your mission and not losing focus.

Watch the Pontificator! - Excerpted from The Truth About Getting Your Point Across...
The first thing you can do about the pontificator at your meeting is to take a good hard look at whether the pontificator absolutely needs to be at the meeting.  A project management article great read!

When Are You Coming Home? Five Practical Tips to Realizing Work Life Balance
Lonnie shares some practical tips on the quest for work-life balance in this project management article

Not Another Ice Breaker! Team Building with a Purpose
This project management article outlines structuring offsites that both build teams and get business done.

We Found A Rock Star! Hiring the Best of the Best
This project management article has critical success factors to consider when hiring new employees.

Am I Meant to Mentor? Five Attributes of Best-in-Class Mentors
This project management article shows five key attributes best-in-class mentors possess.

Great Communicators Can Be Made - Excerpted from The Truth About Getting Your Point Across...
Courage, Conviction, Wisdom, Clarity, Credibility.  Five crucial attributes which the best communicators possess... A different kind of project management article.

In Search of the "Good-Enough" Leader
In this project management article, Lonnie shares some practical viewpoints on avoiding waste by working to a "good-enough" standard. 

Execute or Be Executed
Some of my most uncomfortable situations in my 20+ years as a professional have involved me getting my head handed to me on a silver platter because I bungled a project.  Check out this project management article!

Doesn't Accountability Count Anymore?
In every single successful project I've ever been associated with there was a project structure which ultimately put responsibility and accountability for the project on a single project manager.  Strip away singular accountability and you screw up the project.

Project Management Screw-Up 5 - We Didn't Have The Right Sponsorship - Excerpted from The Project Management Advisor
For any project, it’s crucial to get an appropriate level of project sponsorship.  Avoid this screw-up.   Check out this project management article!

It's Not All About The Ivory Tower - Excerpted from The Truth About Getting Your Point Across...
When it comes to communicating across organization or culture, understanding what other people do, what their priorities are, and what is important to them contributes to getting your point across effectively.

"I Don't Have Time For Vision!"  Six Principles For Implementing a Useful Organizational Vision
Vision is not something reserved for the higher-ups and it is not some highfalutin lingo that the folks in marketing dream up.

Thirteen Tips to Effective Upward Management
Take stock of your upward management skills and see where you might need to tie up some loose ends using some of these nuggets.  A project management article for managing up the chain. 

Project Management Screw-Up 6 - The Team Didn't Gel - Excerpted from The Project Management Advisor
You could have a doable schedule, all the budget in the world, and perfect tools.  Unless you've got a well-oiled team, you're doomed.  A project management articles great read!

Babbling is for babies, not interviews - Excerpted from The Truth About Getting Your Point Across...
Too much talking during interviews will get you into hot water...A cool project management article!

Seven Deadly Sins of Leadership
This project management article outlines seven deadly leadership attributes.

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PR Perspective: Get Your Point Across With Your Client...From a Client's Perspective
A relationship between a PR professional and the client can be a value-added experience for both the client and the PR professional...or not.

How an Autistic Child Changed a Career
Lonnie shares his experiences in molding his career around his autistic son, Trevor. A different kind of project management article.

One Less Meeting Gets You Home In Time For Dinner - Excerpted from The Truth About Getting Your Point Across...
As much as I may grouse about meetings, some of them were necessary, beneficial and effective... many were a total waste of time. 

I'll Be Done Friday, Honest!  Six Techniques to Ensure Solid Project Management Execution
Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  Despite how pretty a project schedule looks, how clear the organization chart is, or how well articulated the risks and issues are, the most successful projects execute great to a great plan.

Be Accessible, Not Open Door - Excerpted from The Truth About Getting Your Point Across...
My open-door policy soon turned into a series of random interruptions that caused me to not get my stuff done.  Open-door means be accessible, not come in whenever you want.  A project management articles great read!

Freud and the Small Business Owner - Excerpted from Small Business Made Simple
Are you an ID, EGO, or SUPER-EGO Entrepreneur?  Then again, maybe you're not sure.  If you'd like a better perspective on where you fall in the small business owner spectrum, check out this Small Business Made Simple article.

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